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Introduce yourself I am not yes, maybe also you are doing. I am not also sometimes, not no, also very yes. -but at the rare ocasion pseudo nope or yup. I really love to see other human beings (or other living or non living organisms) haveing the best time with existence. I want to play and dance with you to the twangling bandwidths of our love for all things in existence (and in all other alternate existences wich we can mutate and distort). Ingesting each others thoughts and enrgies we can teach ourselves the oneness that we were robbed of by our present ancestors. I want to create the world that is harmonized with the flow of energies in the cosmos and within microbial orgasms. As a species we can live in balance with our surroundings and the fabric that we are made of. Lets revere this sacred place and time that we inhabit and paint all spaces with the tranquility and knowledge of time traveling butterflies and blended moment smudges on telepathic resonance structures. If you ever want to play- despite hightened security my contact infloralmation is this meet me inside your hallucinations and auditory illusions at exactly the moment that you lose conciosness, or email me at jowe at juno. com, write or pay me an unannounced visit at 30 shadyside avenue, keansburg NJ 07734, visit me at the vegan restaurant where i will be happy to cook you really good organic food- "Down to Earth" in redbank NJ, My phone number changes constantly due to the dropping of several cellphones into dogwater dishes and genetic tidepools by my young daughter(who also is a kyma user). Links to your contributions

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P9190049.JPG action 710588 28 Feb 2004 - 06:14 AdamSobel This is me working on my fancy, fancy music.
P9190031.JPG action 697741 28 Feb 2004 - 06:22 AdamSobel Dear god Santa's back and he ate my motormix fader

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