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Can I run my sequencer or DAW on the same computer that Kyma is running on? Or does Kyma need its own computer?

No problems with running Kyma and your sequencer or DAW on the same computer. The one restriction is that you cannot run Kyma sounds that access the disk while your sequencer or DAW is in the foreground, because Kyma will not be getting enough of the computer's bandwidth to read or write to the disk when another application is in control. Synthesis and sampling patches are no problem, since the sound computation is taking place on the Capybara.

Can I use Kyma as an insert or plug-in for my sequencer or DAW?

You can route the digital audio signal out of your computer, send it into the Capybara where it gets processed, and then route the output of the Capybara back into your computer.

Another approach is process your disk track in Kyma, and record it in Kyma (as AIFF, SDII, or WAV file). Then, return to your sequencer or DAW and import the file.

Say I have some tracks and loops that I want to process in Kyma? How would I do it?

Drag each file (or sample) from the Sound Browser list into the timeline. Find an effect in the Prototypes palette at the top of the screen. Drag and drop the effect onto the track. Done!