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Who is using Kyma?

How do I know if I am the kind of person who would get into Kyma?

Kyma is software for consenting adults. We don't put arbitrary limits on what you are allowed to do, and we don't "protect you from yourself". If you are someone who relishes this kind of freedom, then Kyma is just what you've been waiting for.

If this degree of freedom scares you, then you might find Kyma a bit overwhelming.

On the other hand, if you take things step-by-step start out with the built-in Sound Library; tweak the controls and save some new presets; experiment with the library effects applied to your own samples or the live input; layer and sequence the synthesis and effects algorithms in the timeline; and then modify the signal flow graphs....Eventually you will find yourself getting deeper and deeper into Kyma, modifying it, shaping it until it becomes your own personal sound design playground and you discover that you've become a happy Kyma Addict.

Kyma is whatever you want it to be, whenever you want it. All this flexibility and power also requires some investment of time to harness and control. But none of this effort is ever wasted, because everything you do in Kyma can be saved in the Sound library. In Kyma, you don't just save end results or samples, you save the entire process by which you created the sound! That means you can apply that same process again to new material on your next project.