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Nick is a San Francisco Bay Area native. He began piano lessons at 8. He spent his teenage years exploring pop music, and began writing his own compositions at 18. He began playing in bands while at UC Berkeley, where he received a BA in Psychology with additional studies in computer science and music. He continued his formal training in electronic music, receiving a BA from San Francisco State University and MFA from Mills College in Oakland, California. During that period, he focused on composing serious 20th century electronic music, particularly using modular analog synthesizers, analog tape, and field recordings.

After a short period of time as a database and C++ engineer in the late 80’s, Nick began to work in multimedia development. He programmed CD-ROM titles and early interactive advertisements, before getting his big break in sound design on the classic Lucasarts title Grim Fandango. This was followed by the film Being John Malkovich, and Peck never looked back, working continually in sound design and audio production for film and games since that point. In 2000, he built a recording studio in Mill Valley, California, that featured one of the few foley pits in Northern California. This pit was put to good use on such films as Adaptation and CQ, as well as a host of video games. He closed the studio in 2006 to take advantage of other career opportunities, and currently practices his art under the name Perceptive Sound Design. Previous audio production stints include Audio Director of Underground Development, a video game studio owned by Activision that specialized in making games for the Guitar Hero franchise, Game Sound Supervisor of Skywalker Sound, and Sound Supervisor of Lucasarts Entertainment Company. He moved his studio to Sausalito, California in February 2010.

Peck’s last album, a CD of jazz/funk compositions entitled Fire Trucks I Have Known was released in Fall 2007. He continues to compose and record original material, gig locally as a jazz organist with a variety of musicians, record and mix albums, and write articles for Electronic Musician magazine and Gearwire.com.

You can find out more about Nick's music at http://www.underthebigtree.com, and Nick's sound design at http://www.perceptivesound.com. He also has a woefully ignored blog at http://www.analogkeyboards.com.

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